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Gingertart update [Dec. 4th, 2014|02:32 pm]
I'm still reading and (occasionally) commenting but I'm not really doing anything in fandom any more. I realised that I was getting old. Then I realised that getting old doesn't necessarily mean not doing stuff - it just means you do different stuff. So here's the stuff I decided that I should do.

1.Lose two and a half stone in weight and keep it off

2.Become a student again and get a degree in Classics

3.Learn to ride a horse

4.Show a dog to its title in the show ring

Progress so far

Lost 2½ stone, have kept if off for 2½ years so far - Yay for Slimming World!
Still on track for a degree – should complete in 2017 - Yay for The Open University!
Cantered on a horse for the first time today. Then fell off. Then cantered again before I lost my nerve. Yay for me!
Bought a stunning Papillon puppy and am training him for the show ring. He is very, very clever despite being the size of a large rodent. Yay for Freddie the Einstein Gerbil!
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[Apr. 10th, 2014|02:19 pm]
[mood | amused]

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I aten't ded [Feb. 28th, 2014|06:05 pm]
[mood | busy]

Posting to keep the journal alive.

Still here, still lurking, reading, commenting but not writing. This situation may change, however, once I've finished the current university course.
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I have committed Ficcage again [Oct. 9th, 2013|06:21 pm]
I wrote a fic for the First Time Fest on snape_potter and it isn't my usual fare at all, at all. But if you like fics with a healthy dose of angst, adultery and moral dilemmas, go to Thus We Remember Avalon. Don't expect a HEA though.
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Back online for a meme [Jun. 24th, 2013|02:14 pm]
[mood | chipper]

Now I know why I couldn't get online. Computer iz ded. I haz new computer. I haz no money, but I haz shiny new pc.

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A message from Ramsbottom [Mar. 7th, 2013|05:19 pm]
[mood | amused]

Ramsbottom the house-elf wishes it to be known that the daft besom normally known as 'gingertart' is responsible for writing (about as accurately as Rita Skeeter, in his not-so-humble opinion) his story, and you can find it on the SS-HG Exchange. She also insisted on writing about his annoying aud sod of a master and his carrying-on with that bushy-haired witch, not to mention too many Potters, Weasleys and Malfoys to bother mentioning individually. As soon as he has finished posting the latest elf-made wine vintages for sale on Owl-bay, he's going to hack into her account and write the true story of what happened and what was really written in "Ye Gentlewizard's Guide to Courtshippe & Matrimonie"

He also wishes to thank foudebassan for the delightful A Spell Of Attraction written for the aforementioned gingertart, which he found extremely amusing for, at the very least, a very understandable dislike of football in pubs (a plebian game with neither the real risks of Quidditch or the gentlewizardly rituals of cricket), the mistreatment of wine (but at least it wasn't elf-made), Kreacher (whom Ramsbottom looks up to as a role-model) and the fabulous Matchdotcomux spell, which Ramsbottom is going to try out one day. Oh, and he found Narcissa very amusing too. But he won't spoil the tale by giving away anything else. He simply suggests that you go and read it, and sip a nice glass of elf-made bubbly while you do. He can let you have a bottle at a discount, just send him an owl with the voucher from this week's 'Quibbler' and ten Galleons. Eee, tha knows.

Way up, lass! Ramsbottom points out that the lack of accuracy in the tale no way relects upon the author's alpha and beta readers, who were indeede Ryte Good Wytches of Excellent Standyng, being dreamy_dragon73, christev and winoniel so cannot possibly be blamed for the misrepresentation of any elves within the text. The above were responsible for ensuring that the punctuation did not start brawling, the commas didn't chew the parchment and the plot didn't dissolve into holes. The factual errors, however, were entirely gingertart's fault.
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[Mar. 2nd, 2013|10:47 am]
[mood | hopeful]

The Petulant Poetess is a moderated fanfic archive (for anyone who doesn't know it) and, in particular, my go-to place for Severus-Hermione fics when I've read everything in the SS-HG Exchange. But - TPP needs help, specifically, money, to keep going. Further info is here It is a fantastic archive of wonderful fanfic work and I strongly recommend a look if you've never investigated it and if you like what you see, please spare a $ or two. Or they'll accept £s, Euros, Rupees, Rubles, Francs, Yen, Rands or possibly, if things get desperate, your firstborn. Thank you.
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My Anti-Valentine's Day fic [Feb. 20th, 2013|06:24 pm]
[mood | cheerful]

Title: Severus and the Very Helpful House-Elf
Author/Arist: [info]gingertart50
Pairing: Severus and a house-elf (plus, most probably, his own right hand)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5000
Warnings: See pairing?
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. The characters and their worlds belong to their original writers and no copyright infringement or offense is intended. No money was made from this story.
Summary: Headmaster Snape discovers the power of house-elf magic the hard way.
A/N: Beta-ed by the incomparable lovetoseverus.

#alltheprompts. Yes, Roo and Snow are evil enablers. You tried to make it impossible this year, didn't you? Mwahaha! Well, see how well that worked out!

Severus and the Incredibly Helpful House-Elf on IJ comm [info]severus_sighs
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Drabble - prompt 'Report this post' [Jan. 26th, 2013|10:52 pm]
[mood | amused]

Report this post
100 words
Not mine, no gain, no pain, no warnings.

The post had trailing moss on the top then two iron nails and a jutting protrusion where a branch had been roughly lopped off. Beneath that, a slash in the bark formed a scowl.
"I'll report you," Harry said. "You're blocking the Alley."
A passing Crup did what male Crups usually do to posts; yelped and scampered away sporting a large splinter. Harry winced in sympathy. "You can't stand here hexing everyone."
The post's expression said 'Watch me.' 

"Oh there you are, Severus!" Hermione exclaimed. "When you've finished sulking, I'll be at home." Harry hid his grin as she Disapparated.
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Elm tree [Jan. 19th, 2013|11:06 pm]
[mood | creative]

Amazing what you can do in Paint, isn't it? This is an elm tree. Gingertarts like elm trees.
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Happy 2013 to everyone [Jan. 2nd, 2013|01:25 pm]
[mood | satisfied]

I hope everyone had a splendid Yule and best wishes for 2013.

I also had the pleasure of 'The Number Twelve House-Elf Detective Agency' being featured on the SSHG quiz and I won the 'Hottest Kiss' category in the HP Fanfic Poll on lj here (if you can actually get there!) for 'Lacrimosa in the Tesco Coffee Aisle'. W00t! I thought I'd had an unproductive year in 2012 but that amounts to 78,435 words plus the SS-HG Exchange fic which I can't admit to until teh big reveal. Go me!

Links to all my stuff can be found on the Gingertart Chronicles.
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Professor Snape didn't die - he just went to work for American Airlines! [Dec. 23rd, 2012|12:31 pm]
[mood | amused]

Professor Snape Didn't Die...
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Sad Songs [Nov. 7th, 2012|06:35 pm]
[mood | contemplative]

People have been posting lists of 10 songs that make them sad. I thought 'Do I know ten?', sat down and immediately wrote down 30. Here they are in no particular order, although they do prove that I am very, very old. And English - some of the earlier ones probably didn't cross the Atlantic.

24 Sycamore - Gene Pitney
Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri
Walk Away - Matt Monro
Without You - Harry Nilsson
Yesterday - The Beatles
Killing Me Softly - Roberta Flack
No Regrets - The Walker Brothers
Wonderful Life - Black
Amoreuse - Kiki Dee
Miss You Nights - Cliff Richard
Vienna - Ultravox
Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy
Always on My Mind - Chris de Burgh
Say Hello Wave Goodbye - Soft Cell
Oh L'Amour - Erasure
I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight - Smokey
Cassandra - Abba
Road to Hell - Chris Rea
Love Hurts - Nazareth
Allein Allein - Polarkreis
Fool if You Think it's Over - Chris Rea
Maladie D'Amour - Nina & Frederick
I Saved the World Today - Eurythmics
Everything I Own - Boy George
I'll Meet you at Midnight - Smokey
La Mer - Charles Trenet
Those Were the Days - Mary Hopkin
Now the Carnival is Over - The Seekers
Leaving on a Jet Plane - Peter, Paul & Mary
Don't Leave Me This Way - The Communards

Edit - I forgot about this utterly heart-wrenching song -

When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease - Roy Harper

- and there's more -

Solitaire - Andy Williams
The Funeral of Hearts - H.I.M.
Goodbye to Love - The Carpenters
Sandy - The Hollies
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore - The Walker Brothers
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I committed fic again [Oct. 18th, 2012|12:50 pm]
[mood | bouncy]

Yay! Snarry Big Bang (Master List) contains lots of lovely, lovely fic and art and a little something (well, compared with the some of those fics it IS quite little) from me. Harry Potter and the Erudite Wanker is not for those who can't handle bad language. Or slash. Or ferrets. Or gratuitous misuse of mythology. It also contains some of the most fabulous art by savagesnakes - go and admire the gorgeous pic of the trio, of Snape and Harry kissing (guhh...) and the fantastic little illustration of the story's tragic hero himself (he says).
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Damn. Does this mean that I can't post pr0n? [Oct. 10th, 2012|09:03 am]
[mood | depressed]

If someone considers that my fics are indecent and I'm found guilty, I can spend up to six months in prison.



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Ficcage - untitled, using 7 fairly random HP prompts [Oct. 7th, 2012|10:03 pm]
[mood | amused]

Author - gingertart50
Words - 300
Warnings - none
Prompts in order of use -
1 karelia: Lucius thinks about having his hair cut
2 linlawless: young Lucius plots to make Narcissa chase him...
3 Doomspark: Lucius is engaged to Sybil Trelawney. Narcissa breaks it up.
4 Doomspark: Snape is unhappily married to Umbridge and having an affair w/ Hermione
5 Doomspark: Fenrir escapes from Azkaban and eats Harry.
6 linlawless: Hermione wants to win Snape and approaches Lucius for help...
7 karelia: Snape wants to win Hermione and approaches Harry for help
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Writing and stuff [Oct. 5th, 2012|11:04 am]
[mood | chipper]

Harry Potter fandom is still going strong, hurrah!

Minerva fest has started posting and I'm waiting eagerly for the Lucius Big Bang to start.

I wrote fic for the #angstfest on Severus_sighs (already posted), and still to come, for the Snarry Big Bang on Snape_Potter and for the ss-hg Exchange.

On another topic entirely, I'm still convinced that 'The Avengers' can only be a 1960s tv serial, at its best when it featured John Steed and Mrs Peel. Diana Rigg in a catsuit and Patrick Macnee in a suit and bowler hat? Style, baby, pure style. Check out the Hellfire Club scene at 1.08 minutes - guhhh.

Now I've started my next uni course and am learning about the Greeks and Romans.

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Help, I need a beta [Sep. 30th, 2012|06:48 pm]
[mood | hopeful]

Can anyone beta a short (just over 1000 words) fic for me, for the Severus_sighs angst fest? Due ... um ... today? Please? *bats eyelashes*

EDIT - found someone! Thank you!
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The dog gang [Sep. 28th, 2012|11:59 am]
[mood | awake]

Woolly & vizslas at Beddgelert

The Grim and the Gingers on holiday this summer in Wales.
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Brit-picking HP fics and some thoughts about Lord Malfoy [Sep. 27th, 2012|06:56 pm]
Here's a useful site that points out the differences between the US and the UK editions of the first four HP books.

It might explain a few things! Your Brit-picker may well change things, even though you were convinced that you had followed canon. You had. So had your Brit-picker. You were simply referring to two different versions of canon. 

Lucius Malfoy is neither a lord nor a duke. He isn't an earl, baron or knight either. He's Mr Malfoy. (Or, Mr. Malfoy if you prefer the American convention for the punctuation.) 

Unless you're writing a non-magical AU of course, in which case, go ahead.

Why? Apart from the fact that he is called 'Mr' in the books? Because he can't sit in the House of Lords as he doesn't exist in the Muggle world (and he wouldn't want to because the place is filled with Muggles!) so he can't have inherited a duchy or any kind of hereditary title. Inherited titles tend to come with Muggle things attached, like a seat in the House of Lords, crumbling old houses and land. He can't have been given a knighthood by the government (or the queen for that matter) because they doesn't know he exists - and he hasn't exactly done anything to deserve being put on the Honours list.

Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington might have been a 'sir' in the Muggle world (a knight or earl), because he was executed in October 31, 1492, before the International Statute of Secrecy. Lucius and the rest of the pure-blood gang may have ancestors with titles, but none since the Wizarding World went its own way.
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